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08 September 2020

Fujairah to create the world’s biggest Coral Reef

The Ministry of Climate Change and Environment (MoCCAE) has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Fujairah Centre for Adventures for a record-breaking eco-haven.

The agreement will pave the way for the largest coral reef garden in the world, likely to set a Guinness World Record.  The aim is to provide a haven for vulnerable ecosystems and promote biodiversity in the UAE.

State news agency WAM reported on the deal, saying it was signed by Sultan Alwan, Assistant Under-Secretary of the Regions Sector at MoCCAE, and Saeed Al Muamari, Director of the Fujairah Centre for Adventures.

“Cultivating the world’s largest coral garden in Fujairah is one of the many environmental initiatives being taken in the Year of Zayed,” said Sultan Alwan.

“Such agreements are important to help preserve the pristine natural beauty of the region, and its precious marine environment,” added Al Muamari.  “The project is the largest in the world and will help boost local and international interest in the coral reef and the marine environment.”  The hope is that it will boost tourism in the emirate, pulling in divers and other nature enthusiasts both from the UAE and abroad.

The memorandum of understanding states that MoCCAE will provide a variety of types and sizes of corals for the project. It will also provide a range of technical and logistics support to the onsite team.  This will most likely take the form of supplying the prerequisites for coral aquaculture alongside transplantation and sea transportation.

The location promises to have easy access. It will be sited within a natural protected area that lies less than a nautical mile from the shoreline.

The project will pilot varying forms of coral aquaculture and transplantation. It will also monitor and document coral development and assess the garden’s biodiversity on a quarterly basis.

A joint technical team will be formed to look at ways to develop the project.  Follow-up reports will also be drafted.