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Shayma Al Mughairy uses only sand to create a narrative through the pandemic

04 August 2020

The first female parkour-ist in the UAE, Amal Murad, talks postpartnum

Amal checked in with the Zero Nine Team to explain to her unique 8-week postpartum programme.

She explains, “Tailored for women who are looking to get back into fitness while still respecting their bodyʼs healing process, this program will carefully progress movements in order to regain strength and to rebuild the relationship between the body and the compromised core. This is NOT a weight-loss program nor is it a program to get toned. Slow and steady wins the race.”

The program is divided into 4 phases:

BEGIN: Week 1 & 2

The first phase is more about learning strategies and understanding how to engage your deep core muscles. Doctors usually recommend KEGELS postpartum but rarely do they explain how to perform kegels within our exercise routine. We are aiming to build a foundation to slowly progress from there.   Remember, the first two weeks are more of a mental challenge than they are a physical one. Intensity will come later.

REBUILD: Week 3 & 4

During your second phase, you will slowly re-introduce exercises while integrating the strategy and foundation learnt from week 1&2. This still isn’t the right time to think about challenging yourself. You are learning how to control your body in a progressive and systematic manner.

STRENGTHEN: Week 5 & 6

Phase 3 is about reinforcing our strategies from previous weeks while working on the quality of your movements. It’s about consistency and getting into a routine. The goal is to strengthen all the movements that you will already be performing as a mom. Example: carrying your child.

TRUST: Week 7 & 8

Your last phase in the program is all about being confident to apply your strategies and truly trusting yourself to listen to your body through conscious decisions. The goal is to give you the tools for you to know how to adapt to any type of training. Once you know what to look for and how to progress and regress, you will be ready to tackle any gym workout!

“If you want to get in touch or just to register your interest please follow the link I’ll hopefully hear from you very soon.”

Amal. x”