PLATFORM 09 — Coming Soon

Platform 09 returns with it’s 9th edition

18 January 2023

Platform 09 The Making of Us Theme

Platform 09 is returning for a 9th consecutive year for yet another outstanding 5-day event aimed at the empowerment of women across the Arab Region.
For 2023, the event theme is solely focused on the different personality types within our 09 community and has been titled “The Making of Us”. It will become a process of discovery, with 9 activations unravelling your unconscious and revealing how you can best contribute to the people around you.
Our personalities are the reflection of our inner selves outwards, and into society. They determine all of our human interactions and constitute the behavioural decisions we tend to make through life. So, with it being the 09th year, we have decided to open the opportunity of understanding your most valuable asset – Yourself!

How does it work?

The Platform 09 team wanted to approach this event both educationally and unconventionally. Firstly, it is good to be aware of the nine different personality types that make up any given community.
Reformers / Helpers / Achievers / Individuals / Investigators / Loyalists / Enthusiasts / Challengers / Peacemakers
We have created 9 activations to help you in understanding yourselves and unlocking which personality type you are. This event also allows you to make the self analysis yourself, rather than an external participant making these decisions.
And so, we present our 09 activities:

Activation 01: Choose a Door 
You will be presented with a set of 9 doors, each with a specific image displayed on it.
Look inwards, and choose accordingly.

Activation 02: Choose a Shape
Different shapes will be displayed, with colours and shapes matching that of 2023 brand theme but which also resemble the 9 personality types.
Which shape/colour caught YOUR eye? Choose accordingly!

Activation 03: Choose an Expression
Try on and choose from a set of 9 lips that match your personality. Which expression closest matches who you are? Choose accordingly.

Activation 04:
Choose a Key. Displayed in front of you are 9 keys of different shapes and sizes.
Choose the key that you believe will hold the key to your future.

Activation 05: Choose a Tea
Taste a collection of 9 different teas and choose the one that tingles your taste palate.
Which tea gives off your vibe? Choose accordingly!

Activation 06: Choose a Sound
Hear 9 different sounds, and pick the sound that harmonises best with you.
Which sound resonated most with your personal frequency. Choose accordingly.

Activation 07: Choose an Animal
9 different animal prints are displayed in front of you.
Which one is your favourite animal? Choose accordingly.

Activation 08: Choose a Scent
A collection of scents will be available for you to test.
Just like perfume, which one represents you the best?

Activation 09: “The Discovery”
The final activation is where all of your previous choices filter towards a singular result. Step inside the relevant box to unravel that final analysis.
Join the Platform 09 event “The Making of Us” and bring along your most authentic self. Always remember that there can never be a better version of yourself, and how wonderful would it be to discover more about this person that you call me?

You would think that this is all, but SURPRISE!

The event will also have live performances, food trucks, and over 90 exhibitors from all over the Arab World.
We look forward to seeing you at Platform 09’s ninth edition in Fujairah!
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