PLATFORM 09 — Coming Soon

The highly anticipated ‘Al Badr Festival’ begins in Fujairah

31 October 2022

Platform 09 returns with it’s 9th edition

In the upcoming year of 2023, “Platform 09” will be reemerging for its 9th edition. An event that rejoices and celebrates local businesswomen in the UAE. This 5 day event will be hosted from the 1st to the 5th of February 2023 and will of course be held in Fujairah, Al Rumailah District as done annually before.

This forthcoming years’ Platform 09 will be a brand new experience, entailing well known exhibitors from the UAE and the whole Arab region. Registrations for exhibitors are open and women from all Arab nationalities are welcome to join various of categories be it fashion design, beauty, jewellery, perfumes and fragrances, handcrafts, art, and so on. Platform 09 will be an interactive and hearty event of unity and collaboration, as well as an empowering get-together that is beneficiary to all women not only in UAE but around the Arab world. Well known-designers, artists, fragrance and perfume creators, creative and talented women will attend and display an extravaganza of how skilful women can be.

Guests can also anticipate inspirational platforms, various fun yet experiential they can learn from, live performances that entertain and give vivacity and life to the event itself. In addition to an outdoor area that includes food trucks and many other exhibitions to partake in or watch. The splendour of the area Platform 09 will host does not disappoint one bit either. Despite the exquisite creative direction and well organised exhibition; this event offers a large terrace with breathtaking views that may steal the spotlight to some.

All women with Arab nationalities are fully welcome to partake in the 9th edition of Platform 09 hosted in 2023. From artists to fashion designers to stay at home mothers who want to witness joy and cheer for women who advocate for their own empowerment. Join this wonderful annual event and you won’t look back!