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Platform09 2024 was the tenth year celebration for this rapidly growing event. The focus was still on the female entrepreneurship community of Fujairah and the UAE. With a growing footfall, the opening days were in huge demand as families flocked to see the latest female Emirati fashion and lifestyle trends.


07-11 February 2024
03pm - 11pm


The 10th year celebration focussed the theme on Infinity and the embracing of the ‘Infinite mindset’. With a world filled with distraction and complications, for entrepreneurs, INFINITY represents a sense of simplicity and purpose. It reminds us to be conscious of where we are and the endless possibilities we have before us.

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The event welcomed guests to 9 fun challenges on how to succeed in life as an entrepreneur. It challenged guests to embrace failure, to never stop learning, to move on from set backs and obstacles and most importantly to never stop moving forward.

The 9 Activations included:

01 The Leap
This activation was about letting go and taking a step in to the unknown. It was a 7 Meter jump on to P09 branded Airbag!

02 The Obstacle
This activation was about working as a team to overcome a challenging path. It was a 2-Person oversized Labyrinth game, that you had to lean in different directions to navigate a ball.

03 The Twist
For this activation guests had to test their agility and flexibility. A giant sized ‘Don’t Buzz the Wire’ Sculpture encouraged guests not to set off an alarm by guiding a metal ring around sharp angles.

04 The Spark
This activation represented that moment of entrepreneurial inspiration. A fun activation where you can create art by pouring paint on to a spinning canvas. You press a foot pedal to start the spin and then pick your colour.

05 The Maze
Similar to the obstacle, but now in a digital setting. This activation was about maintaining composure under the stress of life’s twists and turns. Nostalgically, this game was a huge screen featuring the retro Nokia ‘snake’ game.

06 The Straight
The entrepreneurial world is a competition, and this activation focussed on the race of life. There were 5 contestants with hand-cycles. The winner in the race lights up their column.

07 The Questions
Self reflection is always important in your career, you have to ask yourself the awkward questions. Guests were invited to pick a ‘Conversation Card’ and pin their response on to the wall.

08 The Side Step
In the spirit of forward thinking, the Side Step activation brought a 2-player competition in to the event. It was a Giant sized & digital ‘Connect-4’ game – but for this you can connect in any direction.

09 The Stage
This year, over previous years, we injected more energy in to the external stage area. We had a 9 meter wide stage, which was backed with the PLATFORM 09 letters. During the event we had Fujairah’s first drone show, over the top of the stage.

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