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The 9 Platforms

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Platform: Technology

Both futuristic and timeless, technology & innovation have helped society move forward, however living harmoniously with technology requires us to

Platform: Culture

The individual carries her culture with her as a reminder of her roots, yet it does not stop her from

Platform: Creativity

Having a creative outlet is her way of expressing her true self in a manner which she feels best translates

Platform: Balance

Balance represents the effort to balance both your inner self and your ever changing environment.

Platform: Growth

Harmony in growth alludes to stability in yourself, despite the ongoing perilous journeys which must be taken to gain valuable

Platform: Vision

The future is a source of excitement for all, however it is how we use our present to build bright

Platform: Unity

She surrounds herself with those who help her become her most fulfilled self.

Platform: Journey

Harmony in the journey symbolises the peace made, with the path she takes to realise her full potential.

Platform: Feel

Harmony within yourself is mastered when you are at peace with your surroundings.

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