Eman Al Hashimi

Zain Awad

An Emirati poet and writer who has a Bachelor degree in “Human Resources” Graduated with excellence. Eman is preparing a master’s degree in media and she is also a pianist:

  1. 1st Emirati female orchestra composer.
  2. 1st pianist to play in the “World Music Day” hosted in UAE in 2000.
  3. 1st pianist to represent the country abroad in Italy “Expo Milan 2015”.
  4. 1st Emirati female who composed a melody using military instruments, under the title (Martyr).
  5. 1st pianist to compose & write lyrics for an Operette in the name of “Year of Zayed” and for “Mother of Nation”
  6. 1st female Emirati to establish a musical band named (Eman Al Emarat) and another one (UAE Pioneers Musicians)